Ronikat ranks among the greatest diaper-boys of all time.  I’m not sure how long he’s been posting- I’m guessing I’ve followed him for at least 6 years??

He’s ridiculously cute, has a handsome husband/daddy, and they participate in Leather contests.  What’s not to love?

Ronikat created an iconic photographic composition- what I call the “Ronikat Shot”.  The body is reclined, and the camera angle is from above the head looking down on the diaper-boy–who is looking up, staring right into the camera.

What I love about this shot is the honesty & confidence.  There are endless fuzzy crotch-shots & anonymous diaper pics out there.  Rarer are the “Face Pics”, but most of those are forgettable FAP.  What draws me in are those pics where a diaper-boy stares right into the camera without any shame nor excitement.  They’re simply being who they really are, and they feel comfortable to take (and share) a pic of themselves in diapers (or whatever scene they want to be in)–No big deal . . .


Early Ronikat
This is one of my first fav pics (the first one in this post).  Cute smile, unafraid & comfortable with who he is, a really hot Marine Corps diaper-guy in a big thick diaper 🙂

He was around before Tumblr, I’m pretty sure.  But on Tumblr, this is one of his first “Ronikat Shot” pics, and still one of my favorites.

Another classic “Ronikat Shot”
Not a great photo, poor lighting & diaper barely visible.  Just one of the hottest pics of Ronkat  the man, sculpted torso, armpit hairs poking out, “I don’t give a fuck” look on his face.  Most Ronikat pics are adorable & cute.  In this one, he is a Sir whom I’d love to serve. Total stud, damn!!

I love face pics where the subject stares right into the camera.  They just seem so real and personal.  I love this pic, it makes me feel like I can see into his soul.  Simple, honest & beautiful- a diaper-boy in his diapers, nothing more.

Another Ronikat post that I absolutely love.  Somehow he looks like the villain in a James Bond movie to me, dunno why. I think its the goatee plus the luxe-looking hotel room . . .