The plan is to spend a pleasant day in a huge soggy diaper, and add in some new toys.  My cock is snugly locked in my new chastity device, and I have 3 new remote-control butt plugs.  My goal is to review my new toys while I drain the batteries of all 3 plugs, one after another.

1st Plug

This review is proving difficult as I’ve started with the largest and most powerful plug.  Even at it’s mildest setting, the pulsing against my prostate is . . . making it hard to describe things . . . distracting . . . oh so good.

I’m using the Nexus Ace (Large).  It’s the largest & by far the least sophisticated of my 3 plugs, but unlike the others, it always works.

Overall it is a well-shaped plug.  It has a respectable 2-inch max diameter. Insertion is easy due to the super-smooth silicone, pointed egg-shaped tip.  Past the widest point it quickly drops to a long 2-centimeter diameter neck , then a narrow & long base, which makes retention easy and comfortable.  The neck & back end of the bulb have small ridges that aren’t too noticeable, and do a good job of trapping lube to make the whole experience more pleasant.

Like all plugs I’m using, it has a few pre-programmed vibration intensities, a few basic repeating patterns, and a remote control option.  With the Nexus Ace, that’s all it does.  You can change what mode it’s running with a button on the base, or with a simple single-button remote.  It lacks all the programmability and long-distance control of the others, but it actually works all the time.  The remote seems to have no problem reaching through ridiculously-thick & totally-soaked diapers, something which is a big problem with the other 2 plugs.

No possibility of long-distance control, but a Dom in the same place as the Sub can reliably the control the plug, no matter how much padding or gear the Sub is wearing, at a reasonable distance (at least from across a room).

I keep trying to switch to a pattern that I can ignore–that lets me focus on writing this–but no matter what I choose I’m distracted by intense and unceasing prostate & anal stimulation.  It’s starting to feel like the fantasy “torture” that I dream of.  A deep part of me loves the distraction & discomfort, but most of me desperately wants this plug to run through its batteries ASAP!  My caged cock has shrunk to a tiny nub due to the prostate pulsing, yet my balls feel ready to explode.  At this point I can’t imagine making my way through all 3 plugs . . .

. . . Much later (this plug definitely has a much longer battery life than the other 2)
At this point I can’t imagine making my way through the battery on this first plug.  I’m really distracted, and very tempted to remove it.  So, I’ll reduce the temptation by escalating my diapered state.  Time to add a onesie with another diaper on top to prevent me from taking it off, or reaching into my diaper.  I may be feeling pretty tortured right now, but I’m determined to see my plan through.  I’m going to take everything all three plugs have to give, even if I lose my mind doing it, lol.

I just spent an eternity (or maybe a couple hours) writing the next section below- in bits, in between waddling aimlessly through my house, with my ass still incessantly vibrating from the Nexus Ace.  Still desperately waiting for the battery to die, as I have 2 more fully-charged plugs to go before my “punishment” is over.

Still waiting . . .

Finally, it ran out of juice, so back to my review of the 2nd plug:

2nd Plug

Next is the Jejoue Nuo.  As a plug, it’s not great.  While it’s quite comfortable, it’s too small and  cylindrical to feel like much, and it’s not easy to retain it once your sphincter relaxes.  It is very comfortable though.  The other two plugs have firm shells- the Nuo has a very soft and pliable skin (you can feel the lumps of the motors, and it’s possible to bend it out of shape- enough that people new to anal play might have trouble getting it to slide in).

As a vibrator, it’s probably the best of the bunch.  The Nuo has 2 motors- one at the base to tickle the anus, and the other in the bulb to rattle the prostate.  Like the others, it has a few pre-programmed vibration intensities, a few basic repeating patterns, and a remote control option.  The interplay between sphinter-tickling and prostate-pulsing motors makes the preset patterns much more interesting than the vibes from the other two plugs.

You can record custom recordings that use these preset patterns-  e.g. “play pattern 1 for 30 seconds, then pattern 2 for 5 seconds, then pattern 5 . . . and so on.  These custom recordings can be shared. so a Dom could potentially record a pattern, and instruct a distant Sub to endure it- a crude form of long-distance control.

In the same room, speed & pattern can be controlled by a pen-shaped remote, or an IPhone app.  Both methods struggle maintaining connectivity, especially through those “ridiculously-thick & totally-soaked diapers”.

I love the soft ballon-like texture, and especially the dual motors.  It’s just too small, too easy to let it slip out, and too buggy of an interface to be my favorite.

The Nexus plug finally ran down, and now I’ve been wearing the Nuo for about an hour.  The vibes are nice, it’s really comfortable, but I’m bored.  The connectivity through my thick diaper is terrible-  I have to do kinky diapered contortions, with my phone shoved against my padded ass, pointed right at the plug.  Even then it usually takes a dozen attempts at connecting to be able to set it on a pattern, then it immediately loses connection again.  Fortunately, this plug keeps going when it loses connection to the controller.