I’m a fetishist with some pretty specific kinks, yet there is no real shortage of people out there with the same or compatible kinks. Despite the availability of people to “explore” with, I have a hard time getting into, and staying in the “scene” mindset. I have only explored my kinks with a another live person a couple times, and while I’ve had no bad experiences, I have had nothing at the level of some of the scenes I have experienced alone. When I am with someone, I may be able to get into the scene, mostly, there is still a part of me that is reserved, and watching (not so approvingly) from the outside, or so it seems. If I get into the scene, eventually I lose the kinked-out mindset, and then become self-conscious about what I’m doing. This makes it really tough to explore my kinky side, especially since my fantasies mostly require extended periods of time—the fantasy me wants to be plugged, diapered, bound, and humiliated—being controlled for an extended period of time. Yet, the “Every-day” me finds it difficult to even respond to other fetishists.

How do people get over their inhibitions and embrace their kinks? I don’t want to go too deep, affecting my public life, but I don’t want to wait until I’m retired to shed my inhibitions, and enjoy the real kinky me. I suspect this is an issue for most of the kinksters out there, outside of the 1 in a (?hundred?million?) who actually actively explore their kinks.

Mentor me ( and everyone who can’t explore their kinks), if you will

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