Gary ****ore is one of the most amusing diaper-fags out there, desperately trying to expose and humiliate himself online. 

This silly diaperfag asked me to expose him, but wanted to know if he could use his anon username from (which is “diaperfag”, lol). 

I enjoyed showing him that he’d already exposed his real name with the email address he thought was anonymous, lol:
(I’m not a total dick, so I’ve blurred his private info)
 A couple constructive criticisms: 1) Take more pics, and use a better camera. It’s not that hard. You need fresh content buddy! 2) Web Mail accounts are easy to get & free. Make a kink email for stuff like this, that doesn’t involve your real name. No big deal here on chat, but what if I made a Tumblr post “Gary ****ore AKA Sissy Baby Misty is a Diaper Fag”?
>//< how’d you get that name? Yeahhh this webcam i got is shit. any newer pictures look awful
that yahoo was supposed to be the kink account
not sure WHY I’m doing this..but ok.. here goes. for as long as i can remember I’ve always loved the idea of being caught/laughed at in massively thick diapers.
the idea of being a red faced diaper dork thrills me.

Like..I used to go and take little walks of shame (as i called them) in the local mall.. i’d go and buy a pack of diapers..then carry them in my arms and head to the other side of the mall to diaper up, usually wearing at LEAST 4 diapers, many time much more.

Gary has some decently humiliating pics:
But where he truly stands out is his captions:



Like most exposure & humiliation needy fags, he understands how to humiliate other needy fags:
for such a massive diaper fag your kinda dom and it’s awesome
weird how i think a droopy diaper diaperfag like you is a dom but.. XD
Kyle Blebjørn
Yeah, it’s weird. I am a totally subby bottom. But I do see myself playing an occasional dom persona online. It’s kind of a vicarious pleasure for me, to give other diaper-fags the fantasy that I want myself.??
Please feel free to use any of my pics however you wish, SIR.
lol i will
but it’s cute
a diaper filler like you thinks he has a right to withhold permission, when he’s posted himself alll over the net
lol you pop up all the time when i search diaper fag
So congrats kiddo. you got your wish, your famous
(too mean? ^^())
Kyle Blebjørn
No, definitely not too mean. Actually very exciting, lol. Looking at the *oogle results has inspired me to do more Coub
ahahaha well you are a huge diaper fag.. huge in results and well your massssive pampers
you’re not even trying to be a cute big baby, you know what you are and want to be laughed at in your thick poopie diapers ahahahaha
And since I’m a needy diaper-fag myself, I can’t pass up this opportunity to post some of the most humiliating pics of me that others have captioned:
(I think Gary did at least one of these himself)
But since this is supposed to be about exposing Gary as the pathetic Diaper-Fag that he is: