While I’d personally prefer to be a twink, I recognize that most of my followers appreciate me for what I really am.

Note I said “appreciate”, not “accept”. My fans enjoy many of the traits that I might dislike about myself. I’m older, chubbier & much fuzzier than I would like, but those are some of the biggest things my fans like about me.

A shout out to all of us who feel insecure or unhappy about who we are, and what we look like:

We’re all wrong- in reality we’re all beautiful & desirable, there are people who see past our “imperfections” & appreciate us, and there are people who will be drawn to us because of exactly those things we see as our “imperfections”. What I mean is there are people searching the web for friends and FAP material, and what they are looking for is YOU.

This isn’t a “everyone is beautiful in their own way” sentiment. If you aren’t conventionally “hot”, most potential partners will swipe, click, or scroll right past you. If you aren’t conventionally attractive, this can be very depressing.

But at least it filters out a lot of the junk–it can be a blessing in disguise! You’ll have to work harder and perhaps travel further, but you won’t have to deal with shallow people who are more interested in your body than the things that really matter, like the kinks that interest you. And you’ll filter out the shallow people who are obsessed with a conventionally “hot” body, and instead find people who are actually really excited by your actual body.