While I’d personally prefer to be a twink, I recognize that most of my followers appreciate me for what I really am.

Note I said “appreciate”, not “accept”. My fans enjoy many of the traits that I might dislike about myself. I’m older, chubbier & much fuzzier than I would like, but those are some of the biggest things my fans like about me.

A shout out to all of us who feel insecure or unhappy about who we are, and what we look like:

We’re all wrong- in reality we’re all beautiful & desirable, there are people who see past our “imperfections” & appreciate us, and there are people who will be drawn to us because of exactly those things we see as our “imperfections”.

This isn’t a “everyone is beautiful in their own way” sentiment. What I mean is there are people searching the web for friends and FAP material, and what they are looking for is YOU.