Top 5

  1.  . . .  it’s your oldest suspension pics that hooked me- with the harness made out of chains and pipe insulation. The image/idea of hanging there, helpless and exposed in a thick diaper instantly became my #1 fantasy. It meshes with early childhood fantasies that I had, of being put in a super-thick, full-body diaper, and being hung out on the street for everyone to see (weird, I know- I dunno . . . I was like 4 !). Early teen fantasies involved being hung in a harness, and slowly lowered onto a huge plug. So my ultimate fantasy has morphed into the idea of having a gigantic plug positioned inside a ridiculously thick diaper, and being suspended so my weight against the harness inexorably forces me wider around the plug. At some point, my Dom/Master/Daddy would pity my torment and shove it home, letting me contract around the narrower neck. Then, I would be left there hanging on display for everyone to see, or even to give me a slap or a shove on my ass to remind me of the plug.
  2. Men’s locker room urinal- bound, kneeling in super thick diaper.  Every time anyone needs to go, they go on me.  In my face, in my diaper, or make me ultimately fill my diaper by peeing in my mouth and making me drink it, process it, then pee it out into my diaper.
  3. On a hike with master/masters. Wearing thick diaper, fairly obvious at least or preferably exposed.  My responsibility is to carry every drop of my pee and Master’s pee in my diaper, without losing a drop. He/they are usually merciful, and either poke their heads in and flood my diaper, or they make me drink it, but let me take it slowly so I don’t spill a drop.
  4. AB humiliation at a party, being dressed up in AB bondage, complete with cute mitts, spreader pants, pacifier-gag, & baby clothes. Forced “accident” with everyone watching, all of them amused and disgusted by the messy diaper boy.  Humiliation after messing, with taunting and prodding by the crowd. Have to beg and/or maybe provide some services before being allowed to get changed.
  5. Institutional scene- huge, disused but not abandoned. Wearing nothing but diaper, thrilled by risk of being exposed & fear of someone seeing me this way.  Not really sure why I’m there or where “there” is.

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