I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve exposed myself online, each time knowing that any online exposure should be assumed to be permanent. Even if the original post goes away, you know that someone has probably downloaded it & could redistribute it–that’s the “best-case scenario”. More likely that exposure will remain available online somewhere, ready to be found by anyone. Or, it may have been archived, and will be available to view in perpetuity–it will never go away.

Before the end of my life (and probably much sooner!), I logically know that technology will enable anyone to find my exposures through facial recognition. I manage to be in denial about this fact, but I know I’m fooling myself ;). Odds are I will find myself in some pretty humiliating situations with acquaintances & employers in the future!

But I keep doing it! Why? The best answer is I’m addicted to the thrill of it, and part of me wants to be known as the Diaper-Fag that I truly am, to everyone. What enables my continued exposures is the fact that I am already irrevocably exposed- nothing I do now will change that. I use that as a justification to do more, even though I logically know that the more I expose myself the more likely I’ll be found out in the future.

Here’s a few screenshots of humiliating exposures that I think are some of my best, and at the same time ones that I will be most embarrassed by in the future. Enjoy!