Hi: I saw your post in Diaper Bondage. Your observations on messy diapers and the conflict between desire vs reality mirror my own experiences. Like you, virtually all of my messy diaper play has been solo and the cleanup hasn’t been much fun. I keep wonder how it would be with a play partner. Either as a dom/sub or two diapered boys dreading the inevitable.

I figure messy play with a partner is even more complicated. You would be dealing with breaking strong social mores, with an actual witness.

From my own (very) limited experience, it made me so self-conscious that it took me out of the head space I needed to enjoy the experience. Did it once with suppositories and a Dom guy. Instead of feeling exciting, humiliating, horrifying, disgusting or pleasant, it just felt  . . . weird–in a neutral-to-not-good way. Another time, a friend of mine (who is really into messing) made me skip “doing my business” in the AM, but didn’t use suppositories because he wanted me to experience the thrill & shame of purposely choosing to shit my diaper in front of another person. My inhibitions enabled me to struggle and successfully hold it in. No fun, disappointed friend, just a case of constipation to show for the experience.

Enemas, suppositories and extended diaper-bondage are all great fun, but they are also a bit of a cop-out- as if it’s not quite so twisted because something “made” you do it. But that’s about the level where I’m comfortable- it’s the loss of control that thrills me. Maybe it will evolve as these things do, but I’m really not into messing for the sake of messing alone. It is not particularly satisfying, it is uncomfortable (in a bad way, lol), it’s a disgusting pain to clean up, and it causes storage & disposal complications later. But it is also wonderfully taboo, so I can imagine how some people could get a thrill out of doing it “voluntarily”.