I love diapers, always have, always will.  I have many other kinks & quirks, but my fascination & obsession with diapers is primary.

Yes, I proudly admit that I’m a twisted freak.  Funny thing is though-there’s a lot of freaks like me out there.  Many kinky people out there have interests that center on or overlap with wearing diapers.

I’m an outwardly masculine guy, and everyone assumes I’m a top, but in reality I’m a totally submissive bottom. I yearn to be dominated, bound and topped. Loss of control and humiliation are big turn-ons for me.

I love anal play, especially big plugs. I’m careful with my back door, but with patience and relaxation I can take some huge toys and intense dildo fucking.

I dream of being bound and helpless. Institutional/medical/asylum scenes are especially appealing, as well as chastity, sensory deprivation, and long-term bondage. Having no control and being used sounds like a great time to me. Being locked in chastity, bound, and used in front of a crowd sounds even better 😉

On the even kinkier side, I like the idea of loss of control, and being forced to wear and use diapers / baby clothes. Public humiliation and diaper bondage are really exciting to me. I like to layer lots of diapers to make thick, obvious diapers, then wear them all day until they are s­oaked.

I love the feeling of thick diapers, the smell of stale piss, and the humiliation that goes along with it. A huge butt plug in a locking harness, topped with a thick, obvious diaper sounds like the start of a perfect day for me.

I’ve been ­fascinated with diapers since my earliest memories, and since I “got back into diapers” in my early teens, they have always been part of my identity.

Sure, there is a fetish element, but diapers are so much more than that. Diapers are comfy, calming, and convenient. Diapers can be weird and potentially embarrassing (but isn’t that part of the fun?), but they are harmless. Who else but a DL can add another layer of fun to virtually any activity by simply wearing another layer of “clo­thing”?

I also have a strong AB side. For me, it’s more of a recreational/ sp­ecial occasion thing, unlike diapers which are a routine part of my li­fe. I like the comforting element of being babied, plus the thrill of embarrassment, even a hint of humiliation. I do like to be babied my­self, but I’m increasingly drawn to babying “little brothers”. I understand the contentment and comfort that diapers and AB play can give, and the “big bro” in me wants to help others feel it too.

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