That’s my nickname for Chris when he’s feeling shy. Like most great exposure fags, he gets horny for humiliation and goes all-out exposing himself, then he gets shy and hides away. IMHO he’s the #1 overall greatest exposed diaper-fag on the web, and a personal hero to me in my journey into feeding my own need for diapered humiliation.

Instead of trying to keep updating this page every time het gets shy & when he begs for more exposure, I’m going to just start dumping his latest exposures at the top of this page, & I’ll do my best to strikethrough any links that don’t work anymore.

PS: If you are seeing this page live (instead of one of the many permanently-archived instances of it), he’s currently in the mood to be exposed. Please feel free to use any of these pics & links to humiliate him- he’ll appreciate it!






Original page:

Get it while it lasts!  Diaperfag Chris is feeling needy and wants exposure.  Anytime now, his pathetic diapered ass will beg me to take his stuff down, and I will because I’m a nice guy . . .

Ahh, Chris, aka “that.fickle.diapered.hero.of.mine” (my nickname for him when he’s feeling shy).  I posted this page years ago, and I’ve lost track of how many times he’s asked me to take it down, then a little while later came back begging to be exposed, lol.


Diaperboy Christopher John Ryan a.k.a. diaperhumilboy a.k.a. diaper-fag waddlebottom

Chris is the uncontested doyenne of diapered exposure queens.

There is simply no other diaper-fag boy out there who has exposed himself as well as he has.

-Quality  great pics & vids, well-framed & staged, focused & interesting. He clearly selects only his best shots- while he might post many pics from a single scene, they are all unique and excellent.

-Quantity  more unique content posted than any other exposed diaper-fag.

-Range  his work ranges from innocent adult-baby, to sporty padded twink, to handsome bearded man (who just happens to be in a diaper), to sissy fag in a frilly dress, to ass-slut working himself on a dildo, to dominated submissive being teased by his masters, and more.  He has also exposed himself in a wider range of venues than any other- he’s found just about every place on the web where you can expose yourself.

-Degree  his level of self-exposure fluctuates, and sometimes he gets shy and hides away. (If you look for this page one day and it’s hidden, that’s why. Featured Diaper-Guys on my site are only visible if they want to be.)

When “Diaper-fag Waddlebottom” is in one of his humiliation-craving moods, his exposures go incredibly far.  He has posted links to his entire media collection.  He has posted screenshots of him revealing his perversion to people he knew in his hometown.  He has posted pictures of him in faggy diapers with his driver’s license (pic, legal name, address, etc.) clearly readable.  He has repeatedly published permission for his exposures to be considered public domain.  I would be terrified to expose myself as far as he goes, but I also fantasize about it.  Simply put, he is my “self-exposed diaper-fag” hero.

Some of my favorite pics:

Pathetic Dithat.fickle.diapered.hero.of.mineaper-Fag

Cute Dithat.fickle.diapered.hero.of.mineaper-Boy

Iconic Diapered Bum



diaperfag-waddlthat.fickle.diapered.hero.of.mineebottom (Tumblr)

diaperfagchristhat.fickle.diapered.hero.of.mineryan (Tumblr)

even-bigger-diaperfag (exposedfaggots.com)

diaperfagchristopthat.fickle.diapered.hero.of.mineherjohnryan (exposedfaggots.com)

diaperthat.fickle.diapered.hero.of.minehumilboy.tumblr.com (deactivated)

. . .onedrive.live.com . . .diapthat.fickle.diapered.hero.of.mineerfag-chris-ryan-locked-his-sissy-bits-up-so . . . 

Dead link- don’t waste your time.  As he often does, Dithat.fickle.diapered.hero.of.mineaper-fag Chthat.fickle.diapered.hero.of.mineris gave in to his compulsion to expose himself, and posted a link to his entire collection, free for anyone to see and download.  Then he got nervous & afraid, and just as you would expect from a sissy like him, he deleted the files.  For example