Padded ponderings:

innertaboo– Wise words  [archive link]]

olydiaperfaggot What it’s really about  [archive link]

Great photography:

Soooo cute!!!    An iconic diaperboy at his best, finishing with one of the greatest diaper-bum pics of all time!  [archive link]  

College Baby– A young man completely absorbed in the moment, letting his inner Adult-Baby out. [archive link]

The stare– Intense soul-piercing stare.  Twink muscles & a man’s hairy pits, another young man exposing himself as the little diaper-boy that he really is. [archive link]

Cloth-diapered Adonis–  The detail and lighting are amazing, not to mention the huge cloth diaper.  I love how you can see the fuzzy-ness of the diaper   [archive link

Squishy butt-    Just a huge, ridiculously-thick & totally-soaked diapered bum  [archive link]

B&W M-4– Everything I love about black & white photography here, featuring a nicely-soaked Abriform M-4.  [archive link]

Soggy Bum– Such a cute soggy diapered bum on a handsome guy.  Love the caption too! [[]

Playing on the ropes  Diaper twink playing outdoors  [archive link]  

A boy & his puppy     Few things cuter than a diaperboy and his doggy  [archive link]

Padded on the beach   Twink baby just learning to swim  [archive link]

Exposure & Humiliation:

Tiny-dick Diaper-sissy  ­If your cock is this pathetic, you belong in diapers  [archive link]

DiaperFag Chris Ryan, in his most persistent & permanent exposure   Chris has posted MUCH kinkier & more humiliating content, but this is the post that ALWAYS shows up when people Google his name.

Tub–  A hood, a straitjacket, a diaper, and a stark white shower tub.  A dramatic but simple photo with a wonderfully sterile, institutional feel. [archive link]

Diapers in the pool   When family is away, the diaperboy will play   [archive link]

Leaking diaper      Massive overflow of a totally-soaked diaper   [archive link]


 [archive link]

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