“Some people like diapers, for various reasons.  Some of us like thick diapers.  Some of us like them ridiculously-thick. . .”

What makes a diaper ridiculous, rather than merely obvious or embarrassing?  A dictionary definition sums it up perfectly:

ri·dic·u·lous- deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd

The first step is “Exposed/Visible Diaper”.
To a novice diaper-exhibitionist, letting a diaper’s waistband poke out while in public–or wearing a thick diaper that stretches your pants tight–can be a mind-blowing thrill.  The fear of embarrassment- that someone might look a them and know that they are wearing a !!DIAPER!!.  At the same time you get to feel the kinky rush of of exposure, and the comfort & contentment of being padded . . .
But if someone actually does notice the diaper, they’ll just see a person who happens to wear diapers.  Probably incontinent, or maybe one of those “diaper-fetishists”, lol!  Yes, they might stare/giggle/tweet.  But you are just someone wearing a diaper.  No big deal really.

The next step is “Thick Diapers”.
You start wearing thick, layered diapers in public places- covered by clothing but obvious nonetheless.  Even at this stage, you are fairly anonymous.  Over-sized baggy pants and a bulky jacket will assure that 99% of observers wont see anything, and the 99% of the rest will vaguely notice that your are sorta pear-shaped, then forget about you.  Maybe one in a thousand might deduce that you are wearing an unusually thick diaper.  And of those “one in a thousand” who noticed that you were diapered, I’m pretty sure 99% of them were diaper-freaks like you & me.  So no worries- yes you’re weird, but you pass as a normal-ish person in modern society. . .

Or you start wearing “Adult-Baby Printed Diapers”.  If your diaper happens to peek out, it’s pretty much the same story as above- 99% of observers wont see anything, and the 99% of the rest will vaguely notice that there was some sort of print, then forget about you.  Maybe one in a thousand might deduce that you are wearing a printed diaper.  And of those “one in a thousand” who noticed that you were wearing AB diapers, I’m pretty sure 99% of them were diaper-freaks like you & me.

Frankly,“Thick Diapers and/or “Adult-Baby Printed Diapers” is as far down the road of public exposure as you can go without potentially being a complete asshole.  It is 100% Not-OK to inflict your fetish on innocent bystanders.  Pursue your kink in private- don’t force it on others.

Finally, “Ridiculously-Thick Diapers”.  

“Ridiculously-Thick Diapers” means you are begging for humiliation.  The size & obviousness of your diaper makes it clear that you are a freak who gets off on being exposed.  You aren’t just wearing diapers- you are a diaper-obsessed whore.  If you’re respectful of “innocent bystanders” you record your exposures in places where you have a reasonable expectation of anonymity, or you share your exposures in appropriately kinky or anonymous venues.

Wearing a properly “Ridiculous” diaper deserves mockery and derision.  Not only are you a diaper-wearing freak, but you are also demonstrating your compulsion to advertise it!  Even if you try to be private, you risk the chance of a normal person seeing you.  And so you accept their right to judge you.

Obviously, a “Ridiculous” diaper invites humiliation too.  Exposure is not just what you deserve- it’s what you actively seek.  It’s one thing to be randomly exposed- it’s another thing entirely to hope & beg to be exposed & degraded.

You can’t mistake a “Ridiculous Diaper” for anything else.  The wearer isn’t innocently incontinent, or even someone who privately wears diapers for fun.  Functionally , a “Ridiculous Diaper” is absurd- you can’t walk normally, you can’t fit any of your street clothes on top, and you can’t realistically ever soak it to full capacity.  The only reason to wear such a diaper is to scream out “Look at my huge diaper!”, “Look how pathetic I am!”, “Mock me, laugh at my thick diaper, deride my obsession with diapers!” .

5 thoughts on “Defining “Ridiculously-Thick”

  1. I think Im following this as a manual hahaha. no I use thick diapers and one part of me want to expose myself


  2. When I put my Dad in ridiculously thick diapers and plastic pants, there’s no doubt as to what he’s wearing, or the point to be made.
    He’s in diapers, he has no choice in the matter, and I put him in them. Period.

    We mostly keep him in Crinkle or other brands like them now. It is a constant reminder to him of his place in my home, and it keeps him and his bedding dry. It’s a win-win.
    I’ve been keeping him in diapers at night for a long time now. With more than one incident of daytime wet pants, or dribbling, along with his immaturity, it was a no-brainer to switch him to being diapered full time.

    I don’t allow him to change himself. I usually keep clear shipping tape over his diaper tabs, so he doesn’t get himself in trouble, trying to take off his diapers. Add a binky and/or a bib, and he’s absolutely adorable!

    Dave K.


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