Not the Tumblr tragedy we expected!?

Hey all, I’ve requested reviews of all of my ageplay ab/dl posts that were flagged. Tumblr has removed the flags from all of them. Maybe this won’t be as bad as we thought.

Since tumblr is dying, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. As a bigger gay boy, I always felt out of place in the gay community. Cause of this, I had a lot of issues with my body. Your blog helped me a lot with how to love my body and my self confidence. I cannot thank you enough for that. I hope everything works out with you in your life.



This is exactly what I needed to hear. If even one chubby lil guy felt like he belonged because of this blog, it was all worth it.

Tumblr hysteria?

I’m beginning to think this Tumblr / Adult Content issue may not be that big of a deal for most ABDLs. Why?

Much of the panic revolves around the idea that you need to back-up all your content before the 17th. But as I understand, your content won’t get deleted, just hidden from public view: (Starting on December 17, 2018, any post(s) that have been flagged will be reverted to a private setting viewable only by you. ).

Another source of panic was how at first pretty much all ABDL content was flagged, along with poor, innocent Garfield the cartoon cat. Now most stuff is clear again.

The review process works. I’ve requested review on numerous posts, and each time received an email saying that my post was improperly flagged.

In exchange for keeping access to the amazing ABDL community, I’m ok with giving up my explicit porn. Yeah, I’m super-pissed that my more porn-tastic Tumblrs that I’ve curated over the years are going to “go away”. But there are many more places to find & share porn–great ABDL content is much harder to find. It looks like we’ll still be able to share our content. Just no boobs, butts, or genitals. I can deal with that …


First day in my new place and of course my clit is locked and my butt is thickly padded, no escape for this diaperfag.

And so begins a new era of humiliating exposures from Diaper Fag Christopher John Ryan. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with in his new home!