Diaper-Fag Chris Ryan is back to begging for exposure! As always I love to help him out:diaperfag-chrisI’ve been put back on YouTube Instagram and twitter by online daddy 😳paddingandhumiliationGood for you diaper boy!diaperfag-chris😐paddingandhumiliationhttp://exposedfaggots.com/chris-john-ryan-back-to-begging-for-expoure/?fbclid=IwAR12JCr9E0DKwgMU5eNKqmVtEDjKp5cPtLSb0Pr44bDS2PXTF2dcm0tH69QLol, look what I found- I love that post! Are you desperate enough for humiliation to blog it?diaperfag-chrisIt’s kinda olddiaperfag-chris….link it on tumblr?Will u do more if I do?paddingandhumiliationI’ll always help expose you if you ask me todiaperfag-chrisPlease expose me

paddingandhumiliationThat’s nothing. I’m about to post it on exposedfaggots. Do you want that humiliation diaper-fag? 

diaperfag-chrisYes Fuck Yes 

diaperfag-chrisPlease expose me Ok Diaper-Fag, you want it, you need it & you asked for it:

His current Tumblr is at:

https://diaperfag-chris.tumblr.com/There are endless opportunities to see his humiliations on web archives. Just a few keystrokes and I found:

Just a few more pics to help our friend Chris with his exposure