Please remove my photo
Please thank you to remove del
Thank you
Hi please
[diaper-fag X] sent a photoset En grosse et épais…
you yes reblog?
No reblog- you’ll just ask me later to take it down.

If you want exposure, send me pics & text to ridiculouslythickdiaper@gmail.com, and I may post you on my site 😉
Yes i dont want with my name and first name oky
you love me big diaper?

No, sorry, don’t LOVE it. It’s ok, but really not that thick, and no face makes it boring

Again, they are merely ok- sorry. A bulge under clothes with a face pic is only “ok”. Nobody cares about a picture of diapers & layers. A sissy pic with no face is boring. Not trying to be mean, just trying to help. You’ve already exposed yourself permanently, so you may as well post some good stuff! Show me high-quality pics of you (face included) in soggy diapers & sissy clothing!

That post doesn’t have your name (ant****y ad**t). And I tried, but can’t delete it. Enjoy- your cutest pic ever is permanently posted, lol! Don’t worry about it, nobody uses Google+
You remove and no exposed my name

I can’t remove it. It is YOUR post (http://exposedfaggots.com/fine-use-pampers-one-public-one/), and I tried but I can’t delete the link on Google+. It’s permanent I think. You did it my friend- and we both know it’s what you really want (http://exposedfaggots.com/author/master-diaper/).
So enjoy your fame, my sissy, diaper-loving buddy 😉