Iconic AB/DLs who have caught my eye and my imagination . . .

If you are featured here & do not want to be, please let me know 🙂

Diaper lovers who expose themselves online often go through “shy” phases where they seek to reduce their exposure.  I only publish profiles with clear consent from the featured person–if a link leads you to the Profile Hidden page, it means I have some reason to think they don’t currently wish to be exposed.  If their profile disappears, it probably means they are “purging” and asked to be completely deleted.  More often than not, they will reappear again- but only when they want to.

Current featured diaper guys:


Christopher John Ryan a.k.a. diaperhumilboy a.k.a. diaperfag waddlebottom



Contact me if you want to be featured.  To qualify, you need some good pics- not just crotch shots.  Face pics are a plus but not necessary.  Just interesting, high-quality pics where you show off your padded side.  Any submissions are your property, and will be edited or removed at your request.  You will be able to preview your profile before I publish it.

For a great profile, include a short intro about you, links to your other content elsewhere on the web, and of course the pics.

Contact me at:  ridiculouslythickdiaper@gmail.com