**Not a kink site, just a very good “vanilla” supplier of high-quality cloth diapers and plastic pants

No baby-prints, no kinky stuff. Strictly high quality products for incontinent adults, with an unusually broad range of options in size and construction (and the option of special orders made to spec)

Their cloth diapers come in many different types, thicknesses, sizes, and materials. The product quality is outstanding, especially the stiching. They aren’t cheap, but considering the quality I think they’re very reasonably priced.

Their plastic pants also come in different sizes, cuts, and materials. I’m pretty sure their basic “Leakmaster” line is just rebranded Gary brand pants, like 90% of the pants sold by fetish-oriented sites. The quality is excellent (as to be expected from Gary products), and the prices right in line with the competition.

Their standout product is the “Leakmaster Deluxe” line. This product is unique to them, I think actually made by them (like their diapers), not ordered from some far-away factory. These are incredibly sturdy, with a heavy material, and thick, banded elastics. Imagine a luxury version of the iconic Comco pants of the past- same bulky, crinkly material, just more comfortable.