• “Exposed” alone & private- you enjoy the thrill of frolicking about in private, wearing nothing but diapers and/or other kinky objects.
  • Very first (completely anonymous, blurry & mundane) pics, Probably crotch shots, or possibly anon pics of ??crunchy?? fetish drag
  • Posting / sharing those crappy pics.
    You post a fuzzy pic of your diaper and feel a thrill. You post another & then you notice some detail in the background . . . something unique.  For example your collection of Chewbacca figurines on the top of your bookshelf ?
    You realize that if anyone who had ever been in your room might be able to guess that it was you wearing that diaper, if they saw the pic.  You are still so naive that you think you’ve exposed yourself in a massive, irreversible way.  Y