Thank you Sir James, for taking the time out of your day to expose a stupid diaper fag like me. As you said, my diapers are bigger then me and this shows I’m a big diaper faggot.

Sir James is my Sir. Sir James is my Alpha. Sir James is my Master.  Sir James is a Dominant Sir who humiliates & exposes me as a pathetic Diaper-Fag because it pleases him to do so. Sir James is a benevolent God because he takes pleasure in the fact that I want & need to be exposed, and he provides the humiliation I seek.


2018-03-03 10.44.51Started off locked up


2018-03-03 09.59.512018-03-03 10.45.21Double-Bardex enema nozzle put in place before my diaper goes on.  Fully inflated it stretches my rectum out to a point where I’m a bit breathless and wonderfully tortured.  The real torture begins as it prevents leakage, so every drop of my saline/coffee purging enema is trapped inside my gut until it’s time.


2018-03-03 10.54.07

2018-03-03 10.58.472018-03-03 10.54.15-ANIMATIONI put on my ridiculously-thick, layered diaper and did my chores.



2018-03-03 14.17.592 liters of saline coffee enema delivered, then after deflating the Bardex I spent a half hour helplessly flooding my diaper.

The next day, Sir James was less demanding.  Just humiliating exposures in a huge diaper, wrecking my ass with huge toys, and sniffing & worshiping my collection of old underwear & diapers that are salty & stiff with dozens of doses of dried-on piss.





So I was trying to expose & humiliate myself in tribute to Sir James.  But my new puppy found the shutter sound absolutely captivating, and he “Puppy-bombed” my shoot, lol!

And then he wanted to play, and then it was time for a walk, and all of a sudden my day off had evaporated into a puppy-cuddling haze.

“Sorry Sir, my dog derailed my tribute” is just about the lamest excuse a sub fag could come up with.  But Sir James is pretty benevolent, I’m sure he’ll understand 😉

PS: no offense, but my puppy is cuter than yours!