(If you’re reading this clearly your sick perversions have gotten the better of you. I’ve allowed you a small glimpse into my daily routine, exploiting faggots ALL who live to serve different roles amongst each other. If you think you have what it takes to join the ranks along with the rest of these lowlife faggot submit yourselves & deliver tribute.
18+ only)

Good, thank you sir
Glad to hear it..still padded?
Yes, pretty much any time I can be
Lmao that’s fucking amusing fag
Thank you sir
If you feel like exposing me: link to full access to my cloud files, deleted here- 
Definitely haha the more the merrier faggot once I’m done uploading this folder for this other fag I’ll post u
Thank you sir! I’m looking forward to it!
I’m glad you’re welcome loser…any plans today
Yesterday was my freaky diaper-fag fun day. Today is chores & other “real world” stuff . . .
Haha aww looks like I was a day late lol but cool
Argh, exposedfaggots.com is down right now, I wanted to see your post 😦
Haha aw no worries Its just another sissy diaper fag I met recently..
I have half a day for massive diaper faggotry next Sunday. Any assignments? I would love to humiliate myself in your name
Make the most of every second I expect you fully consumed by layers of diapers so you’re useless clit(which will be locked of course) has no possible chance of escaping for several hours until you can go no longer an must resume every day activities, you will be plugged, you will not remove your diapers for any reason unless its absolutely necessary aka emergencies, if you have suppositories use them, mark either your body or a sheet of paper with my username on it, plastic pants of course, and all of this will be documented in either photos or video or a combination of both

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