Re-watching all of the Star Wars movies while padded with brother before The Force Awakens. We came across this scene in Empire Strikes Back and I commented on how I always thought Luke looked like he was wearing a diaper when he was inside the bacta tank. Brother thought the same thing too.I know I must have paused this scene 100 times when I was younger just to see Luke diapered up.

Did anyone else on here secretly think (or wish) that Luke was diapered?

THANK YOU!! I got off to this scene more times as a kid than anything else :P. He WAS wearing a diaper in there!

I first watched this movie (and was obsessesd with that scene) a couple years after I was “potty-trained”. I’ve watched it countless times since, and I’ve always fixated on that scene. It’s clearly a diaper, or at least some high-tech garment that fills the same function.

Thanks for the reminder, I’d sort of forgotten about it.

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