It’s always quite hard to make photos, but I always try to make the pictures I like myself (that’s the first thing to do for sure). But I was also wondering: what do YOU like to see? What make you like a photo more than another?

-typical ABDL photos?

-Only some diaper lover pictures (like normal life, but with some diapers picking out)?

-Inside or outside photos?

-Some close view of diapers (dry, wet or mess)?

-ABDL/diaper lovers group photos?

This could give me some inspiration, so please give your opinion 😉 Now I’ll be watching for your answers. Are you ready?

My fav., thick and outdoors

Things I like in padded pics:
●Good photography- great framing, original perspectives, interesting lighting, etc.
●Great diapers, put on well, and well-used. Ridiculously-thick diapers, completely-soaked and very obvious diapers outside are major plusses.
●Face pics- risky perhaps, but also very freeing and thrilling. To get dressed up in diapers & other kinky things, and to look into the camera as you are “captured on film” is something special.
●Diapered Outdoors / Exposed in diapers. Ideally in reasonably-private situations where innocent bystanders aren’t involved
●Adorable AB scenes, complete regression
●Forced in diapers / diaper bondage

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