Made a trip to XPMedical today. Super chill guys. The owner, Nick, helped to lobby Abena to keep making the plastic backed diapers a few years back. Very glad he did. The will be seeing more of me.

Didn’t know they had a brick & mortar shop! Absolutely fantastic company- not AB-focused, but very much AB-aware & friendly. Great customer service, broad range of high-quality and hard-to-find incontinence supplies. Best source for XL stuffers anywhere (the “2XL booster” & “Abri-Let Maxi” are my faves), and the onesies (“Bodystockings”) they sell are great quality and very comfortable & functional.

They have a page with their extensive testing and descriptions of their diapers (If you’re a diaper-geek, check out the “testing methods” link!). As for documented field testing, just see my pics, lol.

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