Old pic of me experimenting with ridiculously-thick diapers/ AB self-bondage. I started with a huge multi-layered disposable, 8 or 10 layers thick. Topped this with plastic pants and a tight, white onesie. For my first level of “bondage” I used diaper pins to secure the snaps on the onesie, then “locked” the pins with a tight XL disposable. I pulled on some footed sleeper bottoms, and held it in place under a couple tight cloth diapers, followed by plastic pants, and finally my AB-print onesie. Used more pins to lock the second onesie, and another XL disposable to secure the pins. I layered all the rest of the cloth diapers that I owned on top, and pulled on my largest AB-print plastic pants. Final layer was a mega topper that I’d made out of 3 XL disposables and a ton of packing tape.

Normally, it’s not really true when people say a diaper was so thick that it forced them to waddle. It just makes you walk funny, and sort of waddling is just one of your options. With this diaper however, I literally had only 2 options. Either crawl, or wobble side to side and try to move in my desired direction-true waddling!

#diaperhumiliation #abdl #kylenappy #diaperbulge #adultbaby #layereddiapers #diaperfetish #ridiculouslythickdiaper #megadiaper #humiliation #thickdiaper

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