Hi everyone. 

As a lot of you notice, I really enjoy photography. More than a passion, it’s a way of life, cause I always try to bring my camera everywhere I go. I also really enjoy mix this hobby with my diaper fetish. Only some rare tumblr blogs down here enjoy taking time to make good photos with real camera. 

But you don’t need to be a professionnel to make good pictures! Here are some tips I would like to share with you. 

The camera


There is no need a 2000 Dollars/euros camera! Of course it’s a plus, but if you have one, this topic is not for you ! So we all know than most people today use their smartphone to make photos. 

We’re in 2017, and it’s totally ok! Why? Because most of the camera now are very good. One advice anyway: use the rear camera, not the frontal (selfie) one. Because the quality is always better with this one. On a positive thing: no need to set the camera, cause everything is automatic. Best is always to use the timer, so you have time to be prepared. And try to fix your phone somewhere (you can use some small tripod or selfie stick).

If the conditions are correct, you can of course use the selfie camera, wich give a nice “close to the subject’ effect. But this represent almost 90% of ABDL photos ^^ You can also avoid the classic “photo in the mirror”, except if you play with the mirror reflection.


The Light 

The light is the most important thing in photography. THE MOST IMPORTANT. Why? Well, many reasons.

Light is important for the quality of the picture. Not enough light? Your camera will upgrade the quality of your camera sensor. Which means it can see more “clearly” in the dark. But, flip side of the coins, the picture will look terrible, with a lot of “noise” (you’ll seel all the pixel, the definition will be bad). 

It’s also important cause it what makes your photo “alive”. ABDL photo are rarely in black and white as you notice, cause it’s a fun and cute activity, when the dark and white is supposed to give a dramatic feedback. 

How to have a good light? Enjoy the daylight, first ! It’s the best and natural one. Stay close from a window, wait for a very sunny day. Bad weather outside? Then switch on the most light you have. You can also play with some specific light source, to give a personal ambient, but it’s harder, need practice, and imagination. 

Last tips: NEVER use the flash of your camera. Or only if you have a professional camera. Because Flash are very hard to use to give a natural aspect. They can be awesome if you know what you’re doing, but most of the time it just burns the face and give a wrong white balance (so colors).


The Composition

It’’s very important to have a bit of knowledge about composition. To go straight to the point: It’s never good to be the “center” of the photo. Well sometime, you’ll have to, but if you can, think about it: your photo has to be balanced. Portrait photo? Give space in front of the face of the subject, to suggest what he’s looking for. Give space to the room, the objects. It’s not only about you, it’s also about the environment. Show you blanket, your plushies, your toys… Many different possibility !


The subject

That’s the most important… because it’s about what you wanna show to the others. It can be anything: a toy, a pacifier, a diaper, you in diaper, a group of friend. Don’t just thing about you: logt of people also like the “subjectives” pictures with only a diaper picking out. No need to do a focus on you in diaper. 

Portrait? Why always showing diaper? ABDL can be relatives with the situation, like hug a plushies, suck your pacifier. Wanna really exposes yourself? Find a white back (wall) and just photography yourself with nothing else. 

Diaper fetish? Take all the details of your favorite diaper. Zoom on it. Make it the center of your composition. 

Photo group? Don’t wait for the photo: be natural, play with you friends, make jokes, laugh… The photo are more cool when they look spontaneous.

They are many different way to make ABDL photo, don’t hesitate to take inspiration on other blog. It’s not about copy someone, it’s first about learning. Soon you’ll get your own ideas and be the first to share it ! 


Looking good

Because being ABDL is mostly about being “cute”, you need to give the best of yourself. Attention: it’s not about YOU to look cute or beautiful: you are like ou are (I fell myself terribly ordinary). But it’s about the way you will look.

Take you best diaper, you best little clothes, your favorite and cuter plushies. Give the more chance to make this photo perfect. Also, being ABDL is about looking like a little. So if you’re ok with it: shave yourself, and remove hairs. It’s not about looking young, but.. Well,diaper refers to our childhood! And you used to be beardless at this time ^^

You can also make a contrast of your adult and aged side with you DL/ABDL side. A lot of people like it. As I said, it’s not an unconditional rule. But you’ll get more success if you pay attention to the details.


Post treatment 

Post treatment is very important because it today allows you to give a unique touch to your photo. But don’t add to much effect! Try many different filters: it must give you photo a unique ambiant, without misrepresent what you wanted to do at the beginning. 

Play with the focus, the blur, the colors, vignetting. A lot of apps can help you to enhance your photo: give more light, better exposition, remove thing you don’t wanna show, smooth your skin, change your eyes colors; keep only one color in the picture…

For personal reasons, I would recommend you: for online post treatment photo. It’s all free!

Moldiv a Android/Apple app that I use for smartphone (more information here:



This is very important: Internet is cool place but lot of people will take you work and post them without mention you. Always watermarked your photos with your name or the full adress of your blog. It can be a discreet mark, or very visible, as you want 😉 The best is to put them in the middle of the photo: this way, even if the photo is cropped, the name will stay. Choose a very light contrast to make it almost invisible, then the person who steal it (…) won’t event think about remove it. 


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any question I’ll be please to answer it here 😉 

that was so very helpful, thank you!

Reblogging this because I want to find it again! Thanks so much for sharing this with us @ababyboy! Ive been thinking bout chabging things up a bit, Just reading this has given me some more ideas! So thanks bunches!

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