It had been months since Nate had begun forcefully regressing his dad with diapers. As he had escalated the regression, he realized he liked keeping his dad as a ‘baby.’ In addition to the diapers, Nate began dressing Robert in babyish t-shirts, feeding him his food in addition to bottles, and making him use things like pacifiers and bibs, and calling him his baby Bobby. Robert was no longer allowed adult privileges like alcohol and could only watch cartoons and play with baby toys. Any misbehavior would immediately result in a spanking from Nate.

Robert was taken off guard one day when Nate invited friends over to ‘babysit.’ They immediately began taunting him. “Look at how cute wittle Bobby is!” Robert tried to move away from the boys, but one of the stronger ones grabbed him, pulled him over to the couch, and bounced him on his knee. “Please put me down,” Robert insisted. “Why’re you so cranky?” one of the boys mocked him in response. The boy bouncing Robert on his knee paused and felt the crotch of his diaper. “I think I know why,” the boy announced. “Someone’s a lil wet. Looks like it’s diaper changing time…”

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