Waddle waddle Christopher John Ryan

This is why Christopher John Ryan (aka DiaperFagWaddleBottom aka Diaperhumilboy, aka DiaperFag-Waddlebottom, aka so many other alias over the years) is my #1 exposed diaper fag hero.

The lighting makes it look mid-day. At best it’s early in the morning.  And he goes out & walks a long-ass distance from his new apartment wearing nothing but a well-stuffed XL pink sissy diaper.  Someone HAD to have seen him at some point during this vid or during some of the other pics he took in his first few days at his new home.

He’s got some other pics in the same location with him in a thick white diaper. At least for those, a neighbor seeing him might convince themselves that he’s just a little “special” and just happens to wear diapers.  By going out in that AB-print sissy-pink diaper, he’s making it clear that he’s a weirdo pathetic sissy diaper fag.

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