Shout out to the “used to be vanilla” caretakers.

ABDL is a very confusing realm to step into. You are super awesome for stepping up to the plate and trying your best to make your little as happy as can be.

I know it can be tough trying to figure out what your little likes. Sometimes they’re really shy and don’t want to verbally say what they want you to do. Yet, you somehow understand, you make it work, you make your little so darn happy.

Please continue to do what you are doing. Continue to grow, understand, research, have fun, and learn. You have no idea how happy you’ve made your cute little significant other.

Shoutout to my Daddy @zachmiller95 !!! He embraced this world with arms wide open, and hit the ground running! You’ve made me so incredibly happy in this, and so many other parts of my life!!! I still can’t believe that in 85 days I get to say “I Do” with you. I love you Daddy!!!

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