I hid that I was gay from everyone I knew until I was in college. I waited, as long as I did for no good reason other than being ashamed for who I was. I think about how if I had been open, the kind of relationships I could have explored sooner, the advice I could have sought from my family and mentors sooner, and how I could have been an encouragement to other people like me. But my fear and resulting secrecy kept me from all that.

Like a lot of people, I knew I was ABDL way before I was aware of my sexuality, and in some way it’s an even bigger part of who I am.

So what does this all have to do with deciding to show my face? I regret the choice I made to hide being gay from everyone until it was already easy. I don’t intend to tell everyone I know about being ABDL, but for people like you, people who knew how to find this blog, I think it’s really important that you know you are nothing to be ashamed of.

This blog has become my love letter to the ABDL community. To the people who can’t risk showing who they are, who can’t even indulge in this fetish beyond just looking at pictures, and to the people who have felt the pain of hiding a part of themselves from the people they love and need acceptance from the most. I know what it’s like to feel that way.

Showing my face means I can really show you I’m a real person, who is more full and happy for living out my fantasy, and for connecting with people in real life who share my feelings. I started putting my face out there because I’m proud of who I am and of the choice I’ve made to shamelessly explore my innermost desires.

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