Some pics from mah Grammas over da weekend :3 had a great time, got to spend time wif mah gramma, mommy, auntie, and one of mah cuzins ^.^

This guy is the cutest and I admire him for being able to show his face constantly! 🙂

My favorite Tumblr diaper guy

Ronikat classics are a must-reblog for me!


Its important to remember to be yourself. It may sound simple, but it’s advice that’s not easy to follow. We often ask ourselves why we like this. The fact of the matter is there are many possibilities. Stop focusing on the “why”… that’s the wrong way to look at it. Focus on the indisputable part – it’s apart of YOU. To suppress it means you are suppressing a part of yourself you could instead live with, accept, and above all – enjoy. Here’s to happy ABDLing 🍻