@thankyousiir Temporarily Exposed


Be careful what you ask for- temporarily.exposed can be not-so-temporary if you set extensions to unlimited!

My initial tribute to @thankyousiir (Exposure for @thankyousiir) https://temporarily.exposed/image/ccc7a51e-f11

This post (Nasty pathetic diaper-fag) https://t-e.link/ccc7a51e-f11 has been up for more than 2 months. Every time it gets close to expiring it gets a flood of extensions.

(Ass slut fag) https://temporarily.exposed/image/dc6bd6e1-301

@thankyousiir Temporarily Exposed

My longest risky public exposure





Wow, this post is still going, 3+ weeks after it was set to expire. I knew I was taking a risk- unlimited extensions set at the longest option (12hrs), downloads enabled, and set so I can’t delete it. And so I’ve watched it, feeling that wonderful panicked feeling of being truly exposed, day after day …

Now at 70 extensions, another 10 days to go. I’m beginning to wake up to how helplessly exposed I am. I’ll admit I’m enjoying the thrill, but more & more I panic at my exposure. Still, every time it gets close to expiring I end up desperately re-blogging this link, hoping someone, anyone, will extend my humiliation. And I always get more than I expected, and get the thrill & panic again. I’m starrting to wonder if this exposure of mine will ever expire …

My longest risky public exposure

Aww shit, I did it again


Again,  know I’ll regret this, but tonight this is great fun. I’m wearing a huge, ripe, ridiculously-thick diaper & my tiny cock is straining  against the tiny cage it’s locked in. All because nothing in the world turns me on more than exposing myself as the pathetic diaper fag that I am.  As always, downloads enabled, unlimited extensions …

Aww shit, I did it again