During Robert’s designated nap time (Nate had instituted this additional rule), he was feeling restless, bored, and resentful. He kept flopping around on his bed.

Robert had accidentally left the door slightly ajar when Nate had sent him to his bedroom to nap today. Nate’s friend Brad was over, and as he was walking down the hall, he passed by Robert’s bedroom and had to do a double take when he saw his friend’s dad’s thickly diapered butt in the air.

“Nate, what the hell is this?!” Brad shouted. Nate came in the room, and he explained the situation, while Robert sat on the bed mortified.

“He was supposed to be napping,” Nate explained as he placed a hand on Robert’s squishy diaper. “But, since you’re here, you can help me change his diaper.”

“What?! No, son, this has gone too far,” Robert protested.

“Be quiet Dad and let us change you.” Nate pushed Robert onto his back and untaped his diaper. “Brad, could you hold his ankles?”

Brad helpfully held up Robert’s legs as Nate proceeded with the diaper change.

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