Rights waiver

I, Corey Bouchard, declare on this, the 8th of October 2017, than any and all photos and videos of me wearing diapers are public domain with absolutely no restrictions on how they are used. They may be freely distributed in any way, shape, or form to anyone and everyone for any reason or no reason without having to ask for permission.

Good diaper-boy. Give in to the urge to be exposed for who you really are! You realize there’s no going back, don’t you?? By now, you’ve exposed yourself permanently. From now on it will just be easier & easier to expose yourself further, since your diapered pics are irreversibly posted, re-blogged & downloaded across the Web- what’s one more exposure, right? Enjoy the thrill that you’re feeling- you are going to chase that dragon for the rest of your life 😉

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