SIR: How does it feel, Puppet? Waking up, putting your hand over your crotch and that huge diaper forbidding you to feel your dick?

BOY: It feels amazing, Sir. I’m powerless and lusting over my diaper.

Please, don’t let me change.

Look at that. Asking politely to remain diapered… It’s super early and Puppet can only think in his big diaper. Reduced to a diaper boy.  

Yes, Sir. I am a slave to my diaper… A slave to you.


Here comes the words boy was waiting for: I’m not allowing that change yet.

Thank you, Sir.   


Puppet is what? Near 10 hours diapered?


13 hours, Sir.   


13 hours… More than half day… More than half day without getting to see your dick and watching your diapers go bigger and bigger.

Yes, Sir. The biggest they’ve ever been.

Being hard to walk, to close legs, to roll over…


The last two are impossible, Sir.
SIR: Oh, I know…

And I’m keeping Puppet like that for a while. Diapered and helpless.

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